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} Noodle doodles
and café branding


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  • Event Design /Kiosk

We have all known or eaten Wai Wai noodles in our lives. Now Wai Wai has come up with its QSR cafe Wai Wai City as a first noodle bar of Delhi. Since the original brand is from Nepal, we took the skyline from Nepal architecture in logo also simply because the name of the brand in Wai Wai City.
The restaurant is a quirky, youthful and simple look place. We took noodles and the skyline of Delhi an inspiration for our graphics and the colours came from the main Wai Wai brand colours. The skyline was changes as per the city the cafe was opening in.
This was an extensive project, we were involved in small nitty gritties of the opening the first restaurant, which was then expanded to different parts of the city and country. We worked various models of the restaurant such as food court, kiosk, event stall, small, medium and large sized area.

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